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Yemen crisis

Deadly clashes and air strikes in Yemen have forced over 2.8 million people to flee their homes since March 2015.

21 million people are in need of life-saving aid, a shocking 82% of the population.

We are delivering clean water to people in the north and south of the country and have reached more than 860,000 people with water, food vouchers, hygiene kits and other essential aid.

Please give what you can and get clean drinking water to people who urgently need it.

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Conflict in Yemen is making a dire situation worse, push for a permanent and immediate ceasefire.

Join us to stop the violence in Yemen

Ms Fatima next to an Oxfam water tank in Al Zuhra Camp, Hodeidah. Oxfam is supplying the camp with clean drinking water on a daily basis

The situation

The humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate with fuel shortages, rising food prices and a severe lack of basic services making daily survival a painful struggle for millions.

Before this latest escalation in the conflict, more than 10 million Yemenis - almost half the population - were already going hungry every day. Yemen was the poorest country in the Middle East and poverty and inequality was increasing when fighting escalated in March 2015. 

Now half of the population - 14.4 million people - require help with food.

In response to the current conflict, Oxfam has supported more than 860,000 people. Help has included
  • Cash payments to 65,000 people to help families displaced by the conflict to buy food.
  • Clean water and sanitation services for 435,500 people, including in hard-to-reach areas of the country, by trucking drinking water and rehabilitating water systems and latrines. Oxfam is also providing equipment to enable urban water authorities to pump water to an additional 820,000 people in Aden and Al Hawtah.
  • Supporting more than 14,000 individuals with cash for work.

Sajjad Mohammad Sajid, Oxfam Country Director in Yemen, said: "Ground fighting, shelling and airstrikes by all warring parties have compounded an already severe food crisis and could push Yemen to the edge, with 7.6 million people already severely food insecure.

"People desperately need food and water, medicine and health services, they need aid that can reach them - ultimately they need the conflict to end so they can rebuild their lives. All those fuelling Yemen's tragedy need to stop being arms brokers and start becoming peace brokers. The international community must redouble its efforts to help bring this crisis to a peaceful resolution."

Latest about the Yemen crisis

Reaction: Reports of UK-manufactured cluster bombs used in Yemen

In response to Amnesty International's report of UK manufactured cluster bombs being used in Yemen, Mark Goldring, Chief Executive of Oxfam GB, said:

'Immoral, illegal and incoherent' - UK manufactured arms in Yemen

Government ministers from the Foreign Office, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and the Department for International Development will give evidence to the Arms Export Controls Committee today in Parliament. The hearing begins at 3.00pm... Read more

Looming banking crisis in Yemen risks pushing millions into famine

A year of devastating conflict in Yemen compounded by a looming banking crisis risks pushing millions into famine, warns Oxfam today one year on from the escalation of war.

Oxfam in Yemen

Oxfam has been working in Yemen for 30 years.

  • Since 2011, Oxfam has provided assistance to nearly 600,000 people affected by the humanitarian crisis.
  • In Al Hodeidah and Hajjah in Western Yemen, Oxfam has given cash to 400,000 people since 2011 to help them buy food and support their basic needs. Oxfam has been is working with 32 communities to help rebuild their livelihoods through cash for work schemes and scaling up social protection programmes.
  • Oxfam responded to the 2014 fuel crisis with the distribution of water filters to 3,300 vulnerable households and a cash transfer to an additional 1,000 households in western Yemen.
  • Since 2012 Oxfam has rehabilitated water systems in 41 rural communities in western Yemen, providing more than 125,000 vulnerable people with safe drinking water.
  • In the north in Sa'ada governorate, where years of conflict have destroyed infrastructure and created significant access constraints, Oxfam working on repairing and installing water sources, and has reached 58,000 people. We have also delivered vital water and sanitation services to communities in Aden and Abyan in the south.
  • Together with partners, Oxfam is working to empower women economically, socially, and politically to have a say in decision making at all levels.
  • Planning for the longer term, Oxfam is piloting three solar pump drinking water systems, reaching more than 20,000 people in three communities. 


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