On the brink of famine

Yemen Crisis Appeal

Families in Yemen urgently need your help. 8 years of terrifying conflict has destroyed lives, livelihoods and forced millions of people to flee their homes. As a result, more than 18 million people depend on aid to survive.

A donation from you will help people

  • Suad pours water from a hose into a yellow water container

    Survive today with safe, clean water cash and food

    We have provided over 3 million people with access to safe, clean water and are providing cash assistance and food vouchers to the most vulnerable.

  • A portrait of Tamim next to an metal cylindrical Oxfam water tank

    Prepare for tomorrow Getting water systems working again

    Oxfam has rehabilitated water systems in a number of rural communities in western Yemen, providing more than 125,000 vulnerable people with safe drinking water.

  • A woman's hand is on a weaving machine

    Adapt for the future Oxfam is working to empower women

    We are providing cash-for-work opportunities for women to help them get themselves a place at the table economically, socially, and politically.

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These tents are designed to last for six months not for two or three years. Now the tents are damaged and the cold penetrates. The children got sick. It was an indescribable situation.”

Khalid and his daughters in Ammar bin Yasser camp, Yemen.

The situation

The UN is warning that Yemen faces the worst famine the world has seen for decades. 24.1 million people rely on aid to survive. More than half of those are children.

It is not only the poorest country in the world, but the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. Millions of people have fled their homes in search of safety. Yeminis face the triple threat of war, disease and hunger. It is feared that renewed fighting will force hundreds of thousands more people to flee as coronavirus continues to spread.

The pandemic has further devastated its already fragile health system with only 45% of health centres functioning. That’s 700 intensive care beds for a population of 30 million people. The country has struggled with cholera since the world’s worst outbreak began five years ago with more than 2.1 million reported cases.

Less than half of the population have access to basic handwashing facilities. People desperately need help to protect themselves from disease.

Before the war, Yemen imported around 90 percent of its food and most of its fuel. Then sea, land and air restrictions stopped imports entering. Markets, farms and water sources were shelled or bombed. And food is now on average twice as expensive, which means the poorest people are suffering the most.

Oxfam is doing everything possible to help people get the food and clean water they need to survive. But that isn’t enough – the Yemeni people are asking for peace – they must be able to rebuild their lives, and live without the fear and devastation caused by war.

Even people who escape the missiles and bullets face a daily struggle to survive in the face of disease and destitution. Yemenis have suffered for six long years – it is time for the world to say, enough.”

Muhsin Siddiquey, Oxfam’s Country Director, Yemen

How we spend your money

For every £1 you donate to this emergency appeal, we will allocate 9p of your donation to cover general support and running costs. There is a small chance that we will raise more money than is needed for this appeal. If this happens, we'll spend any additional funds on other Oxfam projects – wherever the need is greatest.