Gaza Crisis Appeal

Right now, the people of Gaza are living under the shadow of constant aerial bombardment and the shutdown of vital public services. Homes and lives are being destroyed and people are extremely vulnerable, suffering human rights violations, living in poverty and at risk of coronavirus.

Oxfam will help people

  • A water truck is filled from Oxfam's desalination plant.

    Survive today with life-saving essentials

    As soon as we can, we will provide people with clean water, food and hygiene items.

  • Sewage in Gaza

    Prepare for tomorrow by rehabilitating what’s been destroyed

    Our teams will work to restore water and waste systems to help people live with dignity.

Air strikes have stopped us being able to reach 450,000 people in urgent need. Please donate today so that as soon as we can respond, we are able reach as many families as possible.

The Hanada building in Gaza was flattened by Israeli airstrikes on 11 May 2021. The building hosted tech start-ups, affecting businesses and Palestinians’ livelihoods in Gaza. Photo: Fady Hanona

How you can help

  • £36 could provide a day's safe, clean drinking water for more than 40 people.
  • £50 could provide hygiene kits for a household in Gaza.
  • £55 could provide food essentials to internally displaced families in Gaza for two weeks.

Najla Shawa, an Oxfam Food Security Manager in Gaza spoke to Al Jazeera about how she cares for her children during the strikes.