36 year-old Faisal Yusuf is a farmer in Somalia/Somaliland. Oxfam supported him in the renovation of his water borehole and provided solar power system maintenence training. Image: Petterik Wiggers / Oxfam Novib

36 year-old Somalian Faisal Yusuf bends down to tend to his tomato crops.
36 year-old Somalian Faisal Yusuf bends down to tend to his tomato crops.

Growing, providing together

Food for all

It's not right that 1 in 9 people go to bed hungry. Which is why we work tirelessly with our partners to help people put food back on their table, today and tomorrow.

What we're doing

  • Market stall where refugees can exchange Oxfam vouchers for fresh food

    We are fighting malnutrition in emergencies

    When people lose their homes, jobs, crops or livestock, they go hungry. Cash grants can tide people over in the worst of a crisis, and help keep local businesses alive.

  • Birhan is a smallholder in Ethiopia and has benefitted from the Rural Resilience programme

    We are helping to grow food for tomorrow

    Supporting local small businesses to grow food and keep livestock means people can earn an income, live sustainably, and keep feeding their families and communities.

  • A portrait of Muhammad Siddique sitting outside a building

    We are Challenging the injustice of hunger

    No-one needs to go to bed hungry. But so many do. Oxfam supporters challenge the world's governments to protect and provide for the people going hungry every day.

Facts about food


people around the world face chronic food deprivation.


The number of hungry people could be reduced by 100-150 million by giving women farmers more resources.


people are facing crisis levels of hunger or worse.

The world is changing, and I truly believe that pastoralism is no longer a sustainable way of living. I see a future in cultivating your own food.”

Faisal Yusuf is growing vegetables in Ethiopia