What happens to your donation

At Oxfam, waste makes us angry. That's why we work hard to raise as much money as possible from every item you give us. Your precious donations could be resold in our shops and online, or recycled in our very own sorting centre. 

So please donate your unwanted items to your local Oxfam shop or collection point today. 

Because you wouldn't want to make us angry, would you?

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Give - Resell - Reuse - Recycle

Our trained volunteers and staff sort and price every item you donate to make as much money as possible.

And even if an item doesn't sell in our shops, we can still make money from it. Here's how:

Clothing recycling

Our unique recycling plant, Wastesaver, maximises revenue from textiles that cannot be resold in our shops, and minimises the amount of textiles sent to landfill.

The facility sorts 80 tonnes of clothing a week. Every item can be used to make money for our poverty-busting work, including being sold on the Oxfam Online Shop, in our Oxfam Festival Shops, or selling them onto fashion designers who restyle garments and reuse fabrics.

Damaged or low grade items can be sold to recycling traders so they can, for instance, be turned into car soundproofing or mattress stuffing.

Selling clothing overseas

By keeping as much as possible to be sold in the UK, we raise the greatest amount possible from your donations to help our fight against poverty around the world.

Donations that cannot be sold in the UK market for various reasons can be exported to markets in Europe, Africa or Asia in line with our ethical supply policy.

For example, lightweight summer clothing will go to our Frip Ethique social enterprise project in Senegal. The project is designed to provide employment in Dakar for disadvantaged women and generate a profit that can be invested in livelihood programmes run by Oxfam in West Africa.

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