Birthrights: Maternal Health and Inequality in Ghana

Explore the relationship between healthcare and inequality in Ghana.
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In 2015 the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promise to both reduce inequality and ensure healthy lives for all across the world.

But what is the relationship between healthcare and inequality? We are used to hearing about large inequalities between developed and developing countries. But we hear much less about the achievements of developing countries to improve the healthcare of their people and the challenging inequalities that remain.

 Birthrights asks young people to explore these issues by examining maternal health in Ghana.

What is it like to have a baby in Ghana as compared to the UK?

A day in the life of a midwife in Ghana


  • Birthrights Teacher's Guide (300kB)

    Please read the Teacher’s Guide first. The guide briefly outlines the background to maternal health in Ghana and makes suggestions for further reading and curriculum making.

  • Birthrights PowerPoint presentation (2MB)

    The PowerPoint presentation helps learners to develop their knowledge and understanding of maternal health in Ghana

  • Birthrights Workshop Plan (195kB)

    The workshop plan asks young people to evaluate the progress Ghana has made towards improving material health and use their findings to suggest improvements Ghana could make to meet the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Birthrights Action Guide (194kB)

    The Action Guide develops young people’s global citizenship skills by asking them to organise and present a Birthrights exhibition or display.

  • Birthrights photo pack (8MB)

    Photos to help design a Birthrights exhibition or display

  • Birthrights poster (3MB)

    An 'empty belly' poster to help young people publicise their exhibition or display.

Oxfam Youth Ambassadors

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