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Number of billionaires doubled since financial crisis as inequality spirals out of control – Oxfam

Failure to tackle inequality will leave hundreds of millions trapped in poverty unnecessarily Rising inequality could set the fight against poverty back by decades, Oxfam warned today as it published a new report showing that the number of... Read more

Mistrust and confusion are allowing Ebola to thrive in West Africa

Mistrust, rumour and myths about the origin and spread of Ebola are allowing the disease to thrive, the aid agency Oxfam is warning. 

Oxfam reaction to EU leaders' response to Ebola crisis

At today's EU summit, European leaders collectively pledged to raise their financial contribution to help respond to the Ebola crisis, bringing Europe's total commitment to €1 billion.

Bolder EU response needed to help stop Ebola spiralling out of control

Today EU foreign ministers met in Luxembourg to agree a joint EU response to combat the spread of the Ebola virus.

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