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Vital building in Gaza could take a century

At current rates it could take more than 100 years to complete essential building of homes, schools and health facilities in Gaza unless the Israeli blockade is lifted, Oxfam warned today as new figures show the amount of vital construction... Read more

Somalia’s $1.3bn lifeline under threat

Banks in US, UK and Australia poised to break ties with Somali money transfer organisations that make remittances possible, NGOs warn. Somalia's  $1.3 billion annual remittance lifeline is under threat of being... Read more

Response to Labour's announcement on tackling tax dodging

Responding to Labour's plans to tackle tax dodging, Nick Bryer, Oxfam's Head of UK Policy and Campaigns, said: "Labour's announcement is the latest sign that public anger about tax dodging is finally overcoming the inertia that... Read more

World facing more emergencies than ever before, Oxfam warns launching Strength to Survive appeal

Oxfam is launching a major public appeal entitled Strength to Survive, as it faces more emergencies in the world than ever before in its 70 year history.

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