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Oxfam’s media calendar contains stories and reports for the coming months.

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Gaza crisis: As the conflict continues, Oxfam is warning of the impact on civilians in Gaza; people are living in cramped conditions with no fuel, very little water and sanitation, and 2.2 million people are in urgent need of food. Oxfam is calling for an immediate ceasefire and for food, water, fuel and other essentials to be allowed to enter. Oxfam spokespeople in the region and in the UK are available for interviews. We also have spokespeople in Gaza but it is becoming increasingly difficult to contact them due to the cuts in communication and the bombardment. We are receiving frequent voice notes from our staff in Gaza for media use. Contact: Oxfam Media Unit / +44 (0)7748 761 999 /

Climate: People in countries that have done the least to cause the climate crisis are paying the highest price with extreme weather destroying people’s lives, homes and jobs. Oxfam is calling on the UK Government to make the biggest and richest polluters pay, to generate finance that can support communities most impacted by climate change as well as ending the era of fossil fuels in the UK. For more information contact: Sophie Bowell / +44 (0)7810 814 980 /

East Africa: Climate-induced drought, compounded by ongoing conflict and high food prices, has leftover 31 million people across East Africa facing severe hunger with 85,000 people in South Sudan and Somalia on the brink of famine. Oxfam is calling on the UK government to urgently step up its funding to the region. It is beyond offensive that famine is still a word we hear in 2023. For more information contact: Sarah Dransfield / +44(0)7884 114 825 /


7 November: Gaza Israel conflict - one month on from the Hamas attacks in Israel and the escalation of the conflict. For spokespeople and analysis on the humanitarian impact in Gaza, contact: Oxfam Media Unit / +44 (0)7748 761 999 /

16 November: Second Hand Christmas. Consumer news story exploring the public’s attitude to pre-loved seasonal gifting. Contact: Oxfam Media Unit / +44 (0)7748 761 999 /

20 November: Launch of Oxfam’s latest climate inequality report, building on Oxfam’s previous reports on the emissions of the world’s richest 1 per cent. For more information contact: Sophie Bowell / +44 (0)7810 814 980 /

20 November: Global Food & Nutrition Summit, London. As the UK government hosts a summit to discuss food security, Oxfam warns that the climate crisis and cuts to the aid budget are making it increasingly difficult to prevent hunger, with millions of people on the brink of famine. Oxfam spokespeople will be available to comment. For more information contact:  Sarah Dransfield / +44 (0)7884 114 825 /

22 November: UK Government’s Autumn Statement. Oxfam spokespeople available for comment on measures to address the climate crisis, inequality and international aid. Contact: Oxfam Media Unit / +44 (0)7748 761 999 /

25 November: 16 Days of Activism begins in a worldwide call for the elimination of gender-based violence. Runs from 25 November (International Day Against Violence Against Women) to 10 December (International Human Rights Day). Contact: Oxfam Media Unit / +44 (0)7748 761 999 /

30 November - 12 December: COP28, UN Climate Summit, Dubai. Oxfam will have a range of spokespeople and activists from countries most affected by climate change - providing analysis and interviews throughout the summit. Case studies and feature opportunities also available. For more information contact: Sophie Bowell / +44 (0)7810 814 980 /


1 December: Oxfam report on Climate Finance in Fragile and Conflict Affected States. For more information contact: Sophie Bowell / +44 (0)7810 814 980 /

12/13 December: Oxfam response to the final text and outcomes at COP28, UN Climate Summit taking place in Dubai. Spokespeople available for interviews. For more information contact: Sophie Bowell / +44 (0)7810 814 980 /

13-15 December: Global Refugee Forum, Geneva, Switzerland. Oxfam spokespeople available. Contact: Oxfam Media Unit / +44 (0)7748 761 999 /

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