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Oxfam’s media calendar contains stories and reports for the coming months.

Do get in touch with the relevant contact if you’d like any more information or the duty press officer on +44 7748 761999 (calls and voicemail, no texts) or

For the latest updates follow us on Twitter: @oxfamgbpress.

Visit the Oxfam Media Centre for press releases and contact details of individual members of the Oxfam Media Team.


Gaza crisis: Oxfam is warning of a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza as 2.3 million people are trapped under bombardment, living in cramped over-crowded conditions with little or no fuel, medicines, food, water and sanitation. Oxfam is calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire to end the violence, allow the delivery of more aid into Gaza and ensure the safe release of hostages. Oxfam has spokespeople in Gaza and receives frequent voice notes from for media use. We also have spokespeople in the region and in the UK available for interviews. Contact: Oxfam Media Unit / +44 (0)7748 761 999 /

Climate: People in countries that have done the least to cause the climate crisis are paying the highest price with extreme weather destroying people’s lives, homes and jobs. Oxfam is calling on the UK Government to make the biggest and richest polluters pay, to generate finance that can support communities most impacted by climate change as well as ending the era of fossil fuels in the UK. For more information contact: Sophie Bowell / +44 (0)7810 814 980 /


1 May: International Workers’ Day. Oxfam will be releasing a new media report analysing shareholder payouts - both globally and in the UK - and how this compares to workers’ wages. For more information contact: Lisa Rutherford/ +44 (0)7917 791 836 /

Early May: Energy giants’ Q1 profits released. For more information or comment contact: Sophie Bowell / +44 (0)7810 814 980 /

Late May/early June (TBC): Oxfam publishes its fifth Climate Finance Shadow Report ahead of the UN Bonn Climate Change conference (3-13 June). The report monitors the progress wealthy nations have made on climate finance and estimates the true value of support to poorer nations on the frontline of the climate crisis. Contact: Sophie Bowell / +44 (0)7810 814 980 /


3-9 June: Volunteers' Week 2024. A chance to celebrate Oxfam’s amazing volunteers and recognise the incredible contribution they make. Contact: Louise Lazell, +44 (0) 7826 553 200 /

7 June: 17th anniversary of the Gaza blockade. Contact: Oxfam Media Unit / +44 (0)7748 761 999 /

13-15 June: G7 in Puglia, Italy. Oxfam spokespeople available for comment on issues including inequality, climate, and humanitarian crises. Contact: Oxfam Media Unit / +44 (0)7748 761 999 /

10-16 June: Carers Week. Oxfam will be one of the charities supporting Carers Week, to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges unpaid carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK. Contact: Lisa Rutherford / +44 (0) 7917 791 836 /

20 June: World Refugee Day. International day designated by the United Nations to honour refugees around the globe. Contact: Oxfam Media Unit / +44 (0)7748 761 999 /

26-30 June: Glastonbury Festival. Oxfam will be campaigning to raise awareness of the climate crisis and calling for the biggest and richest polluters to pay for the damage they've caused. Oxfam volunteers will be stewarding at the festival, and on-site Oxfam shops will be selling our sustainable fashion and festival essentials to raise funds to fight poverty. Contact: Oxfam Media Unit / +44 (0)7748 761 999 /

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