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Iraq crisis

Over 3.4 million people have fled their homes as a result of fighting in central and northern Iraq and over ten million people are in need of humanitarian aid due to the ongoing crisis. Both families that have fled their homes and those that have returned home remain in desperate need of food, shelter, medicine and water.

Oxfam aims to reach around 260,000 people with lifesaving assistance.

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Tommy Trenchard

Sharuja Polaq, a small village in Kirkuk district, has welcomed 170 families forced to flee their homes due to fighting with ISIS. Before the arrival of the families Sharuja Polaq was home to just 40 families.

Oxfam's Iraq Country Representative Andres Gonzalez Rodriguez says:

Our priority is to be ready to assist with crucial aid and try to be ahead of the situation by ensuring we are in the right place to deliver timely assistance to the most vulnerable conflict-affected populations.

Oxfam in Iraq

Oxfam is working in more than 50 villages and towns across the Diyala governorate of Iraq in areas that remain in dispute between the Kurdistan regional government and the federal Iraqi government. As the frontline with Islamic State continues to move Oxfam is expanding operations to include newly accessible areas, where families have begun returning to their communities to rebuild their homes, restart livelihoods and recover from the trauma of conflict.

In Diyala we have a dedicated team and in Kirkuk we are working with local organisation REACH to respond to new emergencies, additional displacement and returnee movement. Oxfam's help includes water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, emergency food security and vulnerable livelihoods combined with gender programming and policy and advocacy work.

Oxfam is also expanding operations in northern Iraq, responding to needs in the Mosul corridor. We are carrying out rapid needs assessments in newly liberated villages and towns and preparing to respond with life saving assistance to those most affected. Plans include the provision of water, sanitation, hygiene promotion and emergency food security programs. 

Donate to Oxfam's emergency fund   

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