South Sudan crisis

A major humanitarian crisis is unfolding in South Sudan where more than a million people have been forced from their homes by fighting. These people need water, food and protection from the violence.

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The situation

Thousands have died since conflict broke out in December 2013, and more than 800,000 people have been displaced within South Sudan, with a further 250,000 fleeing to neighbouring countries. In total, nearly five million people need humanitarian support.

Our teams on the ground report acute shortages of clean drinking water and a lack of health facilities and basic sanitation, creating a growing public health risk to both displaced people and the communities hosting them. People have been forced to leave their crops and animals, and are struggling to get hold of enough food. Many have missed the planting season and will face serious difficulties finding food in the coming months without their crops.


Elizabeth, mother of three: "We left home when people started dying around us. I don't know how it will end. I just hope for peace."

Photo: Mackenzie Knowles-Coursin/Oxfam

Oxfam's response

Oxfam has reached 131,000 people in Juba, Awerial County, Melut and Malakal with clean water, sanitation, hygiene materials and training, and food.

We are planning to expand our work in Melut and Jonglei to help people living in some of the worst conditions imaginable. In Melut alone, 15-20,000 people are in desperate need of clean water and sanitation, whilst in Jonglei, thousands more do not have enough food.

Oxfam is providing safe and clean water to thousands of people in South Sudan through a network of taps, pipes, boreholes and water tanks.

Our vital public health promotion work aims to help prevent the spread of infections in overcrowded areas. Activities include training on safe hygiene practices, such as handwashing, waste disposal, and latrine construction.

Large populations of people are going hungry right now. Oxfam is distributing vouchers for people to buy charcoal so that they can cook food they have received from our partner agencies.

Please help us expand this work to support thousands of others in desperate need.

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Oxfam has been present in Southern Sudan since 1983, providing humanitarian aid to people affected by conflict, drought and floods, as well as long-term development support to vulnerable communities. Over this time, we've helped more than 500,000 people and we are committed to sustained assistance during this current crisis.

Updated: April 2014. 

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