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Whole School


Global citizenship is all about enabling young people to develop the skills they need to engage with the world. And it's about the belief that we can all make a difference. We know that the best way to promote global citizenship is by taking a whole school approach.

A whole school approach means carrying out work in different spaces across the school - including within the curriculum, extra-curricular activities, teacher training and engaging the community. It also means doing this in a coordinated way that links to an overarching vision or purpose for your global citizenship work.

Working holistically in this way will have more impact on young people, increasing the benefits for them as individuals, as learners, and as future citizens. It can also have additional benefits for the school, supporting curriculum development, pupil motivation, and staff development.

On these pages you'll find tools to support taking a while school approach to global citizenship:  activities including curriculum development, CPD, and assemblies, which can be used together to help implement the shared vision of your school.


Resources and Support

World Shapers is our bespoke programme for schools wishing to work more closely with us to embed their global citizenship ethos.

Education for Global Citizenship: A Guide for Schools provides practical ideas for whole school planning.

Over to You explains how global citizenship can support curriculum planning at a whole school level.

Show Ofsted the World  demonstrates how global learning can help schools meet the new Ofsted criteria.

Other Resources and Support contains a collection of assemblies, activities and CPD that can support a whole school approach by giving you ideas to use global citizenship across a range of spaces in the school.