Whole School


We know that the best way to promote active Global Citizenship is as a whole school.

Working holistically in this way will have more impact on young people, increasing the benefits for them as individuals, as learners, and as future citizens.

It can also have additional benefits for the school, supporting curriculum development, pupil motivation, and staff development.

Oxfam wants to work in partnership with schools to support them promoting global citizenship as a whole school and community. 

Resources and Support

Exploring how global citizenship can support curriculum planning at a whole school level

Inset sessions to help develop a whole school global citizenship approach

Ideas for promoting a global citizenship ethos more effectively.

Guidance and support for building successful global school partnerships

Pick-up and go activities, assemblies and learning days


Show Ofsted the World  293.81 KB

How Global Learning can help schools meet the new Ofsted criteria.

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Time for a school owned 21st century curriculum