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Planning a fundraising event? Your local fundraising manager would love to hear from you.

Whether it's to offer advice in the lead up to your event, find out how it went in the days afterwards, answer your questions about the work you're supporting, or simply talk through some ideas - your regional fundraising manager is on hand to support you.

Regional fundraising managers

South West

Alice Byron (Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire)
07584 207128
Chris Babb (Devon, Dorset and Cornwall)
07795 343605


Adam Walker (Maternity cover for Jenna Wills) (West Midlands)
07917 323 538

Ron Lodge (East Midlands)
07795 333091


Heather Walkington-Peak (North West)
07787 180194

David Hewitt (North East)

Harriet Roberts (Central)


Heather Walkington-Peak
07787 180194

South East

Ben Ansell (Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Cambs, Norfolk and Suffolk)
07825 218299

Emma Crossley (East London, Hertfordshire and Essex)
07795 335391

Ellie Hughes (Oxford, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire)

Luke Ounsworth (West London and Surrey)
07795 334072


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