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Modern Slavery Act transparency statement

The UK's Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires organizations with an annual turnover of at least £36m to make a public statement on steps they are taking to identify and prevent modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.

Oxfam GB advocated for this policy development, and this statement describes steps taken in relation to our own operations and supply chain. We have opted to share detailed information about our current approach in order to demonstrate transparency on this challenging issue and to encourage greater transparency by others. 

Download the 2016 statement


"Oxfam's approach sets a benchmark for organizations seeking to do more than mere compliance. In taking this step to more exhaustive - and self-critical - explanation, they are providing both inspiration and a practical model that others may follow."
Dr Steve New, Fellow, Hertford College, Associate Professor of Operations Management, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

"It is great to see Oxfam re-engaging once more with the issue of slavery. Slavery has for much too long been the forgotten issue of poverty, overlooked because it is complex both politically and socially. And yet its eradication holds the potential for the empowerment of millions currently held at the margins by the forces of greed and prejudice. I hope that Oxfam now builds upon the careful analysis it has done in this Modern Slavery Statement to increase its learning and to use that to work with the millions still enslaved or vulnerable to slavery to obtain increased justice across the globe."
Aiden McQuade, CEO Anti-Slavery International

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