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South Asia floods Appeal

Over 6 million people have already been affected by floods across South Asia and this number is rising.

Oxfam has started relief operations in Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan where there is an urgent need for supplies like drinking water, food, shelter, blankets, hygiene kits and solar lights.

Make a donation to our emergency fund so we can be there fast every time disaster hits.

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The situation

  • In Bangladesh 3M people in 20 districts are affected by the flood that started in mid-August.
  • In Nepal over 100,000 people have had to leave their homes and a reported 216,000 people have been affected.
  • In India over 1M people are in need of support.  More than 2,500 villages have been affected, of which 450 villages are completely submerged and more than 300 are cut off.
  • Floods have hit Pakistan this week and have affected 1.8 M people in Punjab, Azad Kasjmir and Gilgit Baltistan regions.

The total number of people affected is likely to reach 7 million within the coming days, as the floods in Pakistan are expected to hit Sindh province.

Oxfam's response 

What Oxfam is doing right now

Oxfam and partners are responding to this crisis, we need to provide humanitarian assistance to the flood affected and shelter-less. We need to help them with an urgent supply of non-food items such as fleece blankets, tarpaulin sheets, hygiene kits and solar lamps, and provide food security and safe drinking water.


Other ways to help