Gaza crisis

The escalation of violence between Gaza and Israel has raised concerns of an imminent humanitarian disaster.

Oxfam has worked in Gaza for over 15 years and is urging world leaders to help enforce the recently agreed ceasefire in order to protect civilian lives and infrastructure.

Take action: lift the blockade 


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Latest reports from Gaza

‘I really hope that the future of Gaza will be different.’ Time to lift the blockade.

Two weeks after the ceasefire. Six days after Palestine became a UN 'non-member observer state'. Where are we now? As Jabr Qudeih, a local aid worker in Gaza says: There's a truce, but all the key issues, the crossings, fishing, farmland,... Read more

Getting our Gaza message out in the heat of the moment

Some days our creative team gets a week or two to develop a great idea into a thing of beauty. And some days, they get an hour to work up critical creative with the power to change lives. Yesterday was one of those days. With the ceasefire called... Read more

Blockade must end now

Martin Hartberg, Oxfam Policy Officer in Jerusalem said: "This ceasefire must hold. The violence over the last few weeks has been devastating for people in Gaza and Israel. Hundreds of lives have been lost and houses, schools and kindergartens... Read more

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