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Ebola: Take action now to stop the spread

Sulaiman Banugra prepares to enter the isolation unit at an Ebola Holding Centre in Lakka, Sierra Leone, run by Italian NGO 'Emergency.' Oxfam has provided the centre with water tanks, pipes and equipment.

Tell the G20 leaders: Step up your commitments and help #EndEbola. What's needed NOW to save lives: More money, More troops, More medics.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has claimed more than 4,500 lives, and the number of cases grows every day. The World Health Organization is warning that, without urgent action in the coming months, the region could see up to 10,000 new cases of Ebola each week.

Together we can stop Ebola from spiralling out of control

Our window to stop the Ebola outbreak from spiralling out of control is closing fast - action is needed now. Some countries, including the UK, have shown that they understand the severity of the crisis by committing significant amounts of money, as well as military personnel. We call on them to continue to invest their resources, turning their pledges into concrete action as quickly as possible to help fight Ebola over the coming days, weeks and months. They should also use their influence to galvanise action from other G20 leaders who are currently lagging far behind. We call on those leaders to step up now, and commit money, medics and military support so this crisis can be brought under control.

Add your name to push the G20 leaders to commit the necessary funds, medical staff, and military personnel before it's too late.

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