Digital collage featuring climate activist Elizabeth created for Oxfam by Nigerian visual artist Alexis Chivir-Ter Tsegba.

A collage with activist Elizabeth with a halo holding a sapling surrounded by children jumping for joy.
A collage with activist Elizabeth with a halo holding a sapling surrounded by children jumping for joy.

We need trust and solidarity to collectively solve the nature and climate crisis we're facing.”

Kenyan climate activist Elizabeth Wathuti.

Climate Action

The climate crisis isn't in the future, it's here now. Pushing people deeper into poverty. Polluters must pay for the damage they've caused. So all of us can thrive.

What is Climate Justice?

In our unequal world, the rights of a few to profit from pollution is being protected while the rest of us pay the price.

The world-over, millions of us are speaking out about this injustice. We are calling for climate justice, led by those facing the worst of the climate crisis right now.

Digital collage of climate activist Perk Pomeyie in Ghana created for Oxfam by Nigerian visual artist Alexis Chivir-Ter Tsegba.

A collage with activist Perk standing with imagined buildings in the background and a halo around his head..

When your home is flooded and you lose loved ones to flood and you lose all your properties, that is loss and damage. 12% of the global population are responsible for half of global greenhouse emissions. Those who caused the climate crisis should pay for it.”

Freelance graphic designer and climate activist Perk Pomeyie in Ghana.

How do we imagine a climate just world together?

A more just, more equal world is possible. A world where all of us have what we need to thrive and where energy is renewable. But to get there, the biggest fossil fuel polluters, who've taken huge profits, must pay to fix the loss and damage they’ve caused. They must be taxed to contribute to the loss and damage fund which is being set up right now.

Digital collage featuring climate activist and podcaster Abigael Kima created for Oxfam by Nigerian visual artist Alexis Chivir-Ter Tsegba.

A collage with activist podcaster Abigael Kima with a halo surrounded by microphones and people calling for water with protest signs.

Loss and damage means reparation, it means compensation and it means climate justice.”

Abigael Kima, Climate Activist and Podcaster, Kenya

The front page Image: Max van Woerkom/ Oxfam

The richest 1% emit as much planet-heating pollution as two-thirds of humanity says Oxfam's report Climate Equality: A Planet for the 99%, published ahead of the UN Climate Summit, COP28.

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Those who have done the least to cause the climate crisis are paying the highest price. Extreme weather (like severe floods and drought) is destroying homes, livelihoods and lives on an unprecedented scale. This is Loss and Damage.

Listen: Hali Hewa podcast

Listen to young energy expert and climate activist Abigael Kima on the Hali Hewa Podcast. Episode 1 features Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti, founder of the Green Generation Initiative...

The communities being hit the hardest need urgent funding to support them to recover from these impacts.

Towards Climate Justice: The Loss and Damage Fund

In 2022, more than 141,000 people across the world joined climate activist Elizabeth Wathuti and Oxfam to call for world leaders to agree a Loss and Damage fund at COP27, adding their name to Elizabeth’s open letter.

In the first week of the summit, this letter was handed in to the COP presidency along with the 133,610 signatures gathered so far.

Andy Sewell

Elizabeth Wathuti holding banner at COP27 that reads '132610 people demand loss and damage finance now'

A Loss and Damage fund was agreed at the summit. This was a monumental win for activists and communities on the front lines of the crisis that have been calling for this for over 30 years!

The UK government must agree to commit funding for loss and damage now.

This will help support and compensate people feeling the effects of the climate crisis most who live in countries that have done the least to cause it.

A more equal world is possible. One where any of us at risk from the climate crisis have what we need to survive extreme weather and build sustainable futures for generations to come.

Nic Kane / Oxfam

Global climate justice is about fairness and a just transition for countries in the Global South to move to sustainable industries.”

Dr Mya-Rose Craig, UK

Mya on climate justice

Climate Campaigning at Summer Festivals

Bekki Frost / Oxfam

Two Oxfam campaigners standing together in green Oxfam t-shirts at Glastonbury 2023.

Oxfam campaigners, Craig Reid (left) and James Heffernan (right), at Glastonbury 2023.

If you're out in the festival field this summer, look out for our brilliant volunteer campaigners who will asking festivalgoers to join us in calling for climate justice.

We’ll be campaigning this year at nine brilliant festivals: Download, Isle of Wight, Glastonbury, Latitude, WOMAD, Wilderness, Boardmasters, Reading and Leeds.

Act with communities for climate justice

A Changing Climate

0.1 %

Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan produce 0.1% of global emissions.

52 %

The richest 10 percent of the world's population accounted for over half of the emissions added to the atmosphere between 1990 and 2015.

8 x

The money needed to help people affected by extreme weather-related emergencies like floods or drought is eight times higher than 20 years ago.