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We all share a desire to make a lasting difference. Join in with Oxfam to fight injustice and poverty - and lift lives for good.

Why fight injustice with Oxfam?

The world is constantly changing. Joining forces with other Oxfam supporters can be a powerful way for you to influence that change for the better.

What do campaigners do?

Campaign supporters stand with people who struggle to be heard. When we all speak with one determined voice, it sends a powerful message that people in power can't ignore.

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There are more than 120 local campaign groups across the UK and they are looking for people like you. 

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Make your campaigning count: find out the most effective ways to get your message across.

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Why I got involved with Oxfam

 I give a regular donation to Oxfam, but I wanted to be part of raising awareness and not to just give money. It's this sort of thing [campaigning] that makes the biggest difference. I really hope that the politicians will listen.

Rebecca Threlfall

The difference you make

Campaigning works.

And we have the track record to prove it

Life saving health care - Free

Vital aid - Increased

Crippling debt - Dropped

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