Dulu, a Bangladeshi woman in a pink shawl, stands looking determined while holding a megaphone.

Dulu in Bangladesh. Photo: Elizabeth Stevens.

Reducing climate-related disaster risks in Bangladesh

Dulu Begum worked with JAGO NARI to become a community leader and an outspoken advocate for reducing disaster risks.

Dulu helped inform her community of the role that women play when it comes to this issue, “Women are vulnerable in disasters, and we understand the needs and priorities of families, so we need to be included in the whole process.”

"The local imam...understands the value of my work. He understands the community is safer because of it." Community leader Dulu Begum. Photo: Elizabeth Stevens/Oxfam

It used to be that whenever I needed money, I had to ask my husband. Now I don’t have to, and it makes me feel powerful.”

Dulu describes how working has offered her financial independence for the first time.

Though the community were initially uncertain of her work, they too realised that the climate is changing and these measures need to be taken to keep the people in the community safe.

She states, “The high tides are unpredictable, and they wash away our crops. Rains are erratic. It used to be easier to work outside, but now with the heat, it’s much harder. The crops turn red in the scorching sun. Cyclones are more frequent, and when they hit, there’s more damage than before.”

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