Help some of the world's most marginalised people lead solutions to climate change.

People powered climate projects

The poorest people in the world are facing the climate crisis right now. But the power is in your hands to help build a fairer, kinder climate-friendly future.

A gift from you today could help Oxfam work with communities around the world to learn new skills in climate friendly technologies, just like the women making greener, cleaner, eco fuel briquettes in northern Uganda.

Your gift could help

Making fuel briquettes out of crop waste in Uganda. This program helps women generate an income and reduces the use of wood and charcoal. Photo: Elizabeth Stevens/Oxfam

Train people to produce eco fuel, such as biogas or charcoal briquettes made from poo

Helping people cook food and stay warm and means there is far less need to cut down trees from the surrounding forests for firewood

Joshua throws water over the community solar panels to clean them

Build solar-powered water systems to keep communities healthy and irrigate crops

Providing sustainable, future-proof solutions to help people suffering because of climate change right now.

A pair of hands hold seeds with green fields in the background

Farmers to sow and grow drought-resistant crops to battle hunger

Helping the people most at risk from the effects of climate change to carry on living, earning and learning, whatever the future brings.

Throughout the pandemic threat of climate change hasn’t gone away – and it’s affecting the poorest people right now. We urgently need to act – please join us and help build a better future.