Celebrities join the nation in a lockdown clear-out and donate the items to Oxfam’s ebay auction to raise funds for the coronavirus response

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To bid for the items, click here on Sunday 12 July at 8pm. Click here to view and download photos of the celebrities with their donations

Celebrities and artists including Dame Helen Mirren, Liam Gallagher, Paloma Faith, Simon Pegg and Fatboy Slim have donated some of their favourite items to Oxfam to raise money for its coronavirus response appeal.

Liam Gallagher’s tambourine, Dame Helen Mirren’s sunglasses, and Simon Pegg’s Star Wars cufflinks, which he wore to the UK premiere of The Force Awakens, are just some of the pre-loved possessions that will all be auctioned on ebay from Sunday, July 12 at 8pm.

Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden, who in January vowed not to buy any new clothes, shoes or handbags this year, donated a Saloni cocktail dress, alongside Strictly Come Dancing star Katya Jones, who donated a stunning silver jumpsuit. The dancer has spent more than a year saying no to new clothes, opting to upcycle existing items in her wardrobe instead.

Arizona Muse, Basement Jaxx, Michael and Emily Eavis and Rankin also donated items to the auction, which will be online for one week with the hammer coming down on Sunday, July 19.

As coronavirus spreads in some of the poorest countries around the world, Oxfam is desperately trying to raise much-needed funds to provide support such as soap and handwashing facilities in the most vulnerable communities.

Dame Helen Mirren said: ‘When you purchase these sunglasses by Jimmy Choo you will be contributing to Oxfam’s coronavirus appeal to help the most vulnerable people around the world.’

Simon Pegg said: ‘You can’t beat a set of Star Wars related cufflinks worn by Unkar Plutt himself – especially ones that raise money for Oxfam – so get bidding to raise funds for people battling coronavirus around the world.’

Deborah Meaden said: ‘I’ve decided not to buy any new clothes, shoes or handbags for one year because I’m conscious of the damaging effects that fast fashion has on the planet, particularly when it’s discarded instead of donated. By donating my dress to Oxfam, I’m hoping to help raise funds for the coronavirus appeal, as well as doing my bit in recycling.’

Katya Jones said: ‘During lockdown I had a clear-out and discovered this stunning sequined jumpsuit that I hadn’t worn in ages. I’ve set it aside for Oxfam’s auction so that someone else can enjoy wearing it, rather than it ending up in a landfill. Also, it’s good to know that the money raised will go to helping some of the poorest people around the world fight the coronavirus.’

The sale of donations raises much-needed funds for Oxfam’s work fighting poverty around the world, and, with over 400 of its shops reopened already, it is looking forward to opening 80 more on 15 July. While customers wait for their local stores to reopen, the Oxfam Online Shop is fully open.

Fee Gilfeather, from Oxfam’s Trading team, said: ‘Generous donations like these generate vital funds for Oxfam’s work fighting poverty and helping protect some of the world’s poorest communities from coronavirus – at a time when the pandemic is making many people more vulnerable than ever.

“Many people have had a clear-out during lockdown and it’s great that the celebrities and artists are donating these items to Oxfam with the benefit of raising money for our coronavirus appeal, as well as protecting the planet. Donating clothes to Oxfam gives garments a chance of a new life, instead of being destined to a landfill.’

The pandemic is causing widespread suffering in rich countries, overwhelming some of the best healthcare systems in the world. But with the disease now spreading in many poor countries where high levels of poverty and inequality risk accelerating the disease, the public health challenges are even greater. In Mali there are just three ventilators for one million people. In Zambia, one doctor for 10,000 people.

Nearly three billion people across the developing world do not have access to clean water, millions more do not have adequate healthcare and live in crowded slums or refugee camps where social distancing is impossible.

Oxfam is working with local partners, governments and key UN agencies in 65 countries in response to the crisis.

This includes preventive measures like distributing soap and building handwashing stations in the Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh, delivering clean water, sanitation and hygiene in Zaatari camp in Jordan and providing beds, handwashing facilities and protective clothing in quarantine centres in Gaza.


Notes to editors:

List of items donated by celebrities: Arizona Muse – Three Graces London Cosette maxi dress; Basement Jaxx – signed and framed limited edition screen print of the artwork from 2009 album Scars, and signed and framed artwork based on the sound waves of the song Where’s Your Head At; Deborah Meaden – a silk Saloni cocktail dress; Michael and Emily Eavis – 4 signed Glastonbury posters and a signed edition of the 50th anniversary book; Fatboy Slim – a Quad Vena hi fi amplifier; Dame Helen Mirren – Jimmy Choo sunglasses in a box containing a signed message; Katya Jones – a silver sequined jumpsuit; Liam Gallagher – a signed tambourine; Paloma Faith – bespoke jewelled shoes; Rankin – Signed bundle of 5 Rankin books – Unfashionable, The Hunger Book, Marco x Rankin, Ayami Nishimura and the latest issue of Hunger; Simon Pegg – Star Wars cufflinks.

Since the pandemic began, Oxfam has helped 4.5 million of the world’s most vulnerable people with food aid and clean water, working together with over 344 partners across 62 countries. We aim to help a total of 14 million people by raising a further £90m. To donate to the Oxfam Coronavirus Emergency Appeal click here.

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