G7 failure to tackle hunger crisis will leave millions to starve - Oxfam Media Reaction

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Responding to news of the $4.5 billion pledge made by the G7 leaders to tackle global hunger, Max Lawson, Head of Inequality Policy at Oxfam said:

“Faced with the worst hunger crisis in a generation, the G7 have simply failed to take the action that is needed. Many millions will face terrible hunger and starvation as a result.

“Instead of doing what is needed, the G7 are leaving millions to starve and cooking the planet.

“The G7 say that 323 million people are on the brink of starvation, because of the current crisis, a new record high. Nearly a billion people, 950 million are projected to be hungry in 2022. We need at least $28.5 billion more from the G7 to finance food and agriculture investments to end hunger and fill the huge gap in UN humanitarian appeals. The $4.5 billion announced is a fraction of what is required.

“Pledging more money is just part of what the G7 could do to end hunger. They could ban biofuels. They could cancel debts of poor nations. They could tax the excess profits of food and energy corporates. Most importantly they could have tackled the economic inequality and climate breakdown that is driving this hunger. They failed to do any of this, despite having the power to do so.

“The G7 refusal to heed the call of last year’s UN climate summit to strengthen their weak targets to cut emissions sends out a terrible signal to the rest of the world, especially to vulnerable communities already suffering the impacts of the worsening climate crisis.”


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