Oxfam reaction to Gaza vote: a disgrace that there has been so much playground politics, while so many lives are at stake

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Responding to tonight’s vote in Parliament on an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and Israel, Oxfam’s Head of Policy and Advocacy, Katy Chakrabortty, said:

“It is a disgrace that there has been so much playground politics in Parliament this evening, while so many lives are at stake.

“The people of Gaza can’t wait for our politicians to stop squabbling. Much of the country lies in ruins and Rafah, where many Palestinian families have been forced to flee, is under threat of a full-scale military offensive. Children in the North of Gaza are dying from hunger because no aid can reach them due to Israel’s continued assault and restrictions on access.

“An immediate and permanent ceasefire is the only solution to stop this devastating cycle of bloodshed, to ensure the safe release of hostages and to allow urgent aid to reach all of those in desperate need.

“Many MPs spoke passionately tonight of the horrors in Gaza and we thank those who raised their voices. The government must listen and support UN votes for a ceasefire and end the sale of arms to Israel.”


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