Oxfam reaction to renewal of hostilities in Gaza

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Reacting to news today that the humanitarian pause agreed between the Government of Israel and Hamas has ended, with renewed hostilities, Oxfam GB’s Head of Advocacy and Policy Katy Chakrabortty said:

“Oxfam welcomes the release of Israeli and foreign national hostages back to their families, and the reuniting of Palestinian prisoners and detainees in return, but more still remain in captivity.

“The humanitarian pause brought a short respite from airstrikes, bombs and terror but it was never going to be enough to give trapped Palestinians the food, water, basic services, safety and hope that they desperately need.  Just over 1,000 aid trucks were reported to have entered Gaza during the pause – less than a third of normal weekly humanitarian and commercial trade into Gaza pre-siege.

“The Band-Aid has been ripped away from Gaza’s bleeding wound and, in so doing, denting hopes that humanity might have gained some foothold in the fragile silence of the past seven days.

“The spectre of further mass forced displacement of people from Khan Younis would, if effected, sharply deepen the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. The proposed ‘safe zones’ for aid delivery are not logistically feasible, do not guarantee safety or protection and contradict Israel's obligation to allow unfettered humanitarian access.

“This pause has given UK minsters time to face the true horror of Israel's attacks in Gaza. Ministers have said they want a ceasefire. Now those words need to be said loud and clear to Israel. Lord Cameron talked of the need to 'paint a picture of Palestinians living in peace and stability.' For thousands and thousands of Palestinians it is already too late. All those with influence must act now to keep this generation in Gaza alive to see this picture.”


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