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Responding to the announcements in the Budget to extend the Universal Credit uplift for six months and to provide Restart Grants to retailers, Sam Nadel, Oxfam Head of Policy and Advocacy, said:

Extending the Universal Credit uplift

“The Chancellor’s decision will bring some relief to millions of families struggling to pay the bills and put food on the table during this pandemic.

“But given the long-term economic impact of the pandemic, the Government could and should have ended the uncertainty faced by millions of low-income families and workers by extending the £20 uplift for at least a year.

“Today’s announcement is welcome but is the minimum that the Government needed to do to help those on low incomes who are being hit hardest.”

Restart Grants support for High Street retailers hit by the pandemic

“Additional support for high street retailers is welcome – every pound we lose while our shops are closed is a pound less we can spend helping people around the world who have been hit hard by conflict, climate change and Covid-19.

"However, this support will only have the intended impact if it is not capped in a way that penalises charities with large shop networks. Current subsidy control measures were put in place to prevent unfair competition between companies – they should not be unfairly applied to charity shops.”

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