Oxfam response to Israel's announcement to ship surplus COVID-19 vaccines to other countries but not Palestine

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In response to Israel’s announcement to ship surplus COVID-19 vaccines to other countries but not Palestine, Oxfam in the Occupied Palestinian Territory Acting Country Director, Dina Jibril, says:

"While it is a good thing that poorer countries like Honduras and Guatemala will get access to more vaccines, the political decision Israel has made not to give their surplus vaccines to Palestine is shameful, while the vast majority of almost 5 million Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza are having to wait for the potentially lifesaving vaccine.

“Shipping excess vaccine stocks across the world while Palestinians living, in many cases, only a few hundred meters away from vaccinated Israelis is yet another example of the Israeli government’s refusal to fulfil its legal obligation as an occupying power, as well as the moral and public health imperatives to ensure all Palestinians have access to adequate, basic services including healthcare. Israel must direct its efforts to ensure an urgent, free vaccination campaign for all Palestinians.

“Once again Israel's treatment of Palestinians not only endangers Palestinians’ health and prioritizes politics over people, this short term thinking harms Israel’s own long-term interests too. As UN Secretary-General António Guterres has said, none of us are safe from COVID-19 until we are all safe.”


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