Oxfam response to the Government's budget

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Silvia Galandini, Oxfam’s Domestic Poverty Lead, responding to the Government’s Budget, said:

“This Budget is another missed opportunity to take the ambitious action needed to tackle poverty and narrow the gulf between the richest and the rest.

“Ending non-dom tax status and a temporary extension of the oil and gas windfall tax, and small amounts of extra money for childcare and some people receiving benefits are welcome but basic common sense. They do not go nearly far enough to create an economy that works for us all and not just for a small few.

“A cut to National Insurance will largely benefit the highest earners while doing little to support those at the sharp end of the cost-of-living crisis. It will inevitably be paid for with further devastating cuts to public services – an act that will hurt everyone but especially those on low-incomes, and risks pushing more people into poverty and hardship.

“Instead, the Government should have raised taxes on the wealthiest people and companies to fund essential services, like childcare and social care, strengthen the social security safety net, and properly invest in people and our planet."


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