REACTION: Appeal Court ruling on lawfulness of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia

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Reacting to the Appeal Court ruling that the UK Government’s decision to continue licensing the export of military equipment to Saudi Arabia is unlawful, Matthew Spencer, Oxfam’s Campaigns Director said:

“This ruling offers real hope for the people of Yemen. The government now needs to respond by ending the sale of UK arms to Saudi Arabia.

“Calling for peace while selling arms that allow Saudi Arabia to continue bombing Yemen, including hospitals, schools and markets, is a contradiction that has proved catastrophic for the Yemeni people.

“Millions of Yemenis are struggling to survive one of the world’s gravest humanitarian crises, a fully man-made catastrophe fuelled by arms sales from the UK government, among others.

“It is time for the UK to put more effort into securing a peace deal instead of into arms deals and put pressure on its allies to agree an immediate ceasefire and commit to an inclusive peace process.”

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