Reaction: COAX announcement that it has secured agreement to provide nearly two billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine to poor countries next year

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In response to today’s announcement from COVAX that it has secured an agreement to provide nearly two billion doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to poor countries next year, Oxfam’s Niko Lusiani said:

“Today’s announcement shows promise in the global community’s commitment to getting rapid and equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines for all countries, no matter the income level. But the COVAX plan alone cannot guarantee full access to the vaccine for the world’s most at risk communities. It will depend on whether the corporations agree to the right price and donors give them enough money to pay for it. Lack of transparency continues to leave too much room for doubt.

“Rich country charity and vaccine donations are not sustainable solutions to the vaccine problem. Donations of effective and appropriate excess vaccines are welcome if pooled for fair and equitable allocation according to the World Health Organisation’s framework.

“Sharing the crumbs from the table does not fix the real barriers to addressing the vaccine inequality crisis. We need a People’s Vaccine, not a profit vaccine”.

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