REACTION: The scale of hunger in South Sudan is still immense, says Oxfam

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Following the release of the Integrated Food Security Classification (IPC) report for South Sudan today, Elysia Buchanan, Oxfam South Sudan’s Campaign Manager said:

“Despite some improvement, the scale of hunger in South Sudan is still immense with an estimated six million people facing severe hunger. The recent floods, which affected nearly a million people, are having a devastating impact on vulnerable communities already worn out by years of conflict and now the arrival of swarms of locusts could make things worse for many others.

“In Jonglei state, which was severely affected by flooding, almost three out of four people are now expected to be facing severe hunger. In one area, women told us that to keep their children from starving they were collecting firewood and wild foods in areas they feel unsafe. And in another, a woman told us she felt that sacrificing her daughter’s education and marrying her off young was the only way to feed her family.

“As the country moves towards the deadline for the formation of the unity government, parties must redouble their efforts to work together on implementation of the agreement. It will take years for communities to recover – they need a lasting peace.”


Oxfam in South Sudan’s Campaign Manager Elysia Buchanan is available for comment.

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