Reaction to 10-Point-Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution

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Responding to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s 10-Point-Plan to combat climate change in the UK, Sam Nadel, Oxfam’s Head of Policy and Advocacy said:

“It is encouraging to see some of the detail on how the Government plans to cut carbon emissions and reach its Net Zero goal. It is now vital that it follows up with an ambitious carbon reduction target for 2030, as promised under the Paris Agreement, and a huge diplomatic effort to ramp up global ambition ahead of UN climate talks in Glasgow next year.

“Reducing emissions from richer nations is key to putting our planet on a safer path, but this must sit alongside support for communities that are already facing greater poverty, vulnerability and hunger driven by climate change. The Government should now reaffirm its commitment to provide financial support to poorer countries and lead a global scale up in funds to help them adapt to a crisis they did not cause.“


Notes to editors

Oxfam’s recent analysis of climate finance from developed nations showed that 80 percent was not provided in the form of grants, mostly as loans. A fifth of the money was directed to the Least Developed Nations and a mere 3 percent to Small Island Developing States.

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