Reaction to Foreign Secretary's comment on the need for a 'plan B' should Israel launch ground offensive on Rafah

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In response to David Cameron’s press conference in New York on the conflict in Gaza, where he mentioned having a ‘plan B’ should the conflict escalate into Rafah and that the UK's arms export to Israel will continue, Oxfam’s Chief Impact Officer, Aleema Shivji, said:

“There is no plan B for more than a million desperate people currently sheltering in Rafah - if Israel launches a ground offensive, then the scale of the crisis would be catastrophic. Instead of planning for how aid agencies can operate in even more dangerous conditions, the UK government should be using every diplomatic and economic lever at its disposal to press Israel to not launch the offensive. This must include immediately stopping all arms sales to Israel.

“It is incomprehensible that the UK is devising a humanitarian plan for an Israeli offensive into Rafah while UK-made arms and components could be used to harm Palestinian civilians in the very same offensive.

“The UK must do everything in its power to ensure the only plan is for an immediate and permanent ceasefire to end the death and destruction, enable more vital aid gets to those who need it, and secure the release of hostages.”


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