Reaction to UK aid pledge for Yemen at conference

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Reacting to the UK’s pledge of £160m in aid for Yemen, a reduction in the amount it gave last year, Danny Sriskandarajah, Oxfam GB’s Chief Executive said:

“Although the UK has its own crisis to manage during this pandemic, it shouldn’t forget the huge need in Yemen. Already the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis after more than five years of conflict, Yemen is now facing an outbreak of coronavirus while barely half of health facilities are fully functioning.

“The UK government now needs to ensure funds that have been pledged are made available immediately to provide life-saving aid to the millions of people who have had to flee their homes, struggle with disease or face hunger.

“Ultimately, Yemenis need an end to the conflict. The UK government needs to show global leadership by halting all arms transfers to Saudi Arabia and other warring parties, and by doing everything possible to pressure all sides to agree a ceasefire and return to meaningful negotiations.

“The UK should also work with international allies to deliver the UN’s call for a global ceasefire to prevent the further spread of coronavirus in places like Yemen.”


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