Reaction to Yemen pledging conference in Geneva

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Reacting to the $2.6 billion aid pledged for Yemen at today’s conference in Geneva, Emma Fanning, Oxfam GB Head of Humanitarian Policy and Campaigns, said:

“Donors deserve credit for putting their hands in their pockets today. The money will save lives and help provide shelter and other necessities to the three quarters of Yemen’s population who have been pushed to the brink by conflict. Yet, while generous, this aid will only cover just over half of people’s needs.

“The hard truth is that as long as the conflict continues, millions of Yemenis will remain trapped in a daily struggle to survive. The hope of a brighter long-term future for Yemen depends on the warring parties and their backers showing real commitment to ending hostilities. Donor governments need put their weight behind a nationwide cease-fire, and end the ongoing incoherency between generous funding and peace talks on the one hand, and supporting warring parties on the other.”


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