A free festive knit for your tree

Donate to the Oxfam Christmas Appeal to support women in Nepal who are knitting their way to fairer wages AND get yourself a FREE and fabulous knitted jumper decoration for your tree. It’s the perfect keepsake to hang on your tree year after year.

A montage of five Christmas decorations shaped like jumpers

Simply sign up for a monthly gift and we’ll send you one of a very limited selection of these festive tree decorations. Because we want you to remember how special your ongoing support is every time you glance at your tree, year after year.

Fair wages, better businesses and pioneering projects are just the start of what you can support when you donate to Oxfam this Christmas, all while supporting communities who are lighting the way to brighter futures. Your gift could also help more communities work to end to life-threatening issues like poverty, pollution and extreme water shortages.

Scroll on to see how you can help communities who are building a better world.

Hatale women are pioneering fair wages

Your free, festive-jumper tree decoration is knitted by one of the women at Hatale in Nepal. Hatale, which is Nepalese for ‘made by hand’ is a small company that’s pioneering fair wages and better working practices.

Many of the employees have been with Hatale for over 20 years, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a safe, supportive place to work; in addition to overtime pay, annual holidays and home-working options, Hatale also pays the school fees of workers’ children.

A pair of hands knitting a red and white jumper-shaped Christmas tree decoration

Support Oxfam this Christmas, and you’ll support more communities to start businesses that put their workers first, lighting the way for better working conditions for all.

Please note: Royal Mail last post date for 2nd Class is 18th December, therefore for direct debit set up around or after this date, you may experience the usual postal delay in the arrival of your tree decoration. The colours will vary and each handcrafted jumper is unique. This offer is time limited and stock is reserved for new direct debits set up from 29th November 2023. Only available while stocks last.