Oxfam Christmas Appeal

Help families facing conflict find peace

Conflict is fuelling hunger around the world. Families need food for today, and to build peace for tomorrow.

Islam Mardini/ Oxfam

How your donation could help families facing conflict.

  • Emergency food and cash for families being pushed into hunger because of conflict.
  • Seeds, tools and training for families fleeing violence to help them grow food again.
  • Supporting women to take part in vital peacebuilding efforts.

Why is conflict fuelling hunger?

In 23 countries, conflict has forced a record 48 million people to flee their homes and livelihoods. And has left nearly 100 million people without the food they need to survive.

Families forced to flee in search of safety are often left with little more than the clothes on their backs.

We can't let people face this hunger crisis alone.

This Christmas, you can help people who have lost so much. By supporting them with the food they need for today. And helping build the peace and security they need for tomorrow.

Why peacebuilding matters

Conflict is fuelling a devastating global hunger crisis. To make a lasting difference, we must play a role in building a more peaceful world.

Together with local partners, we are working with the most vulnerable communities around the world, to uphold the rights of women and other marginalised groups to help them have the peace and stability they need to live their lives.

Your donations could provide a lifeline for families facing hunger today but it also does so much more by helping drive vital peacebuilding work.

Andrés Cardona/Oxfam

A community that has its rights fulfilled will not allow itself to be dominated by armed actors from the outside. They will stand up for their rights and reject the violence.”

Tania Hernandez, Colombia

Your money will be used where the need is greatest.