A graphic showing placards that say 'ceasefire now' on them.

Gaza / Israel: ‘ceasefire now’ downloadable posters

Over 2 million people in Gaza are suffering the unimaginable consequences of war.

People have lost their homes, their loved ones, their safety, and have little or no food, water or medicine.

The UK must act now and demand a permanent ceasefire.

A collection of Ceasefire Now posters

Help keep the pressure on. Download and use these posters to show solidarity and campaign for peace where you live. You can stick them on your windows or ask local businesses to display them.

Use the dropdown links below to download PDFs to print at home. Posters are available in full colour or low ink versions.

Or you can buy a printed poster on our online shop.

Ceasefire now posters in colour and black and white.

Download 'ceasefire now'

Download 'peace'

ceasefire poster with the word 'ceasefire' in Arabic, English and Hebrew

Download 'ceasefire'

Posters that say: Gaza: starvation is being used as a weapon of war. Permanent ceasefire now.

Download 'starvation as a weapon of war'

A low ink poster that says 'I won't be a bystander'


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