Oxfam Student Activist Network Resources

Find everything you need to start campaigning on your campus!

Use these resources to help you in your activism journey! You could be organising a campaigns stall, writing your own blog, running your own social media campaign or even building your own group at your university. However you want to campaign, we have resources to help you every step of the way.

Activism Resources

Oxfam taking part in Extinction Rebellion march during Glastonbury

Demand climate justice.

The climate crisis is affecting us all. But it’s hitting some communities worse. And it’s the people who’ve done the least to cause it who are suffering the most.

Join others in demanding climate justice for all.

Stand in solidarity with refugees.

Find out why refugees are separated from their families and how you can campaign for family reunion in the UK.

Stand in solidarity with refugees today.

Campaign for peace in Yemen.

It's time that people in countries like Yemen see a future without war.

Take action to stand with the people of Yemen.

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