Kelly Mundy/Oxfam

Join The Oxfam Student Activist Network!

At university and care about social injustice? Then join the Oxfam Student Activist Network - a growing network of students across the UK who campaign with us to fight for a better world.

It’s been a huge part of my university experience, and probably the best part of my experience! It’s been incredible, eye-opening and I would encourage everyone to get involved with the Oxfam Student Activist Network!”

Millie, University of Sussex

We will help you build your knowledge, skills, confidence and understanding to be able to take action!

Whether you're a seasoned activist or this is your first step on your journey into activism, we'll support you to campaign for what you believe in.

You could be running a campaigns group, creating amazing social media campaign posts, writing blogs, holding campaign events - there are so many ways you can get involved in campaigning for a fairer world.

The thing I’ve learnt about activism is it’s not just on you. It’s so good to know you’re part of a bigger picture and that gives you the space to grow. Even if you’re running a group by yourself, there’s a huge support network, through both Oxfam and wider activism networks in general!”

JJ, University of Aberdeen

Join the Oxfam Student Activist Network!

We have some groups that have been paused whilst we look for people to take them over! If you want to get involved please do drop us a message at!

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If we don't have a group at your university, why not start your own! You'll get all the training, support and help you'll need to build your own Oxfam Student Activist group! Register your interest here!

We also have lots of ways you get involved as an individual student activist! Register your interest here!