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What the donors say

Our projects are supported by a whole range of people from individual givers to community groups and companies. Here are just some of the reasons why they support our work.

To me the projects are all about empowering people, enabling them to use their resourcefulness and skills to make lasting changes to improve their lives. Each project has clearly defined, achievable aims and costings and updates let me see how each project is progressing and the difference Oxfam is making to these communities

Projects Direct supporter, Dr W.T., a GP in Yorkshire. 

 To celebrate our Golden Wedding we decided to buy ourselves a share in an Oxfam project. We chose to sponsor the Armenia agricultural co-operative project, supporting ethnic Armenian refugees displaced from Azerbaijan, as a result of the conflict following the break-up of the Soviet Union. We visited the project and learned that until Oxfam arrived, displaced communities felt that they had been forgotten. We saw first-hand examples of how much can be done by a dedicated team with relatively limited resources -- although nothing could have been achieved without the resilience of the people themselves.  Now communities are beginning to thrive as they seek new markets for their fruit and vegetable produce. We're happy we were able to support women who are determined to succeed, and who have shown that with the right help they can do so.

Barry and Dorothee Jones, Projects Direct supporters

We are proud to be supporting Oxfam's education project in Niger. Education is a right that many of us in richer countries take for granted and the project delivers great value-for-money when it comes to giving people the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

Liz Thornton, Trustee of the Thornton Charitable Trust 

 Life changing. That's how I'd describe my trip to Bangladesh with Oxfam. Seeing the projects was inspirational, as was meeting the groups of women who are helping to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty. Seeing first-hand the difference that the money we raise makes has been so important in helping us to build support for the fundraising initiatives that we are running amongst our staff.

Polly MacLehose, Associate Director, Business Development, Aimia 

Living in Oxford, in the heart of a world famous university and some of the best schools in the country, we are more aware than most of the advantages of a first class education. This inspired the Oxford Circle to support Oxfam's Niger programme, to help children, especially girls from one of the poorest countries in the world to go to school. The funds we have raised will go towards building classrooms and teacher training ensuring Niger's children get a better chance of a decent education.

Angela Mills Wade, Projects Direct supporter and Chair of the Oxford Circle

 It took two days for us to reach Siradi, a remote village in Nepal. In this community people used to go hungry, but they have been proving they can make changes. The women's faces shone with confidence, and I felt so proud to be supporting the project. Oxfam's programme empowers women to work together to lobby for their rights and have a stronger voice in their community.

Hyunyi Hwang from The Beautiful Store, a South Korean NGO that have supported our Nepal food security project since 2010.

One Foundation logo

 In the UK we take so many everyday activities for granted - whether it be instant access to water by turning on a tap, being able to provide food for our families, or sending our children to school. Working with Oxfam across Africa, we are able to make a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of some of the world's poorest communities. With 100% of the profit from the sale of our products being donated to fund humanitarian and development projects, The One Brand aims to change lives.

In 2012 and 2013, The One Foundation supported Projects Direct projects across Africa.

We enjoy our productive partnership with Oxfam, because the calibre and commitment of their people, in both Oxford, and countries where we operate, is very high. Better marketing, capital investment, and effective training enable very poor rural women to significantly increase incomes and capabilities, on a sustainable basis.

Hugh Davidson, Chair of H & S Davidson and John Davidson Trusts, who has supported our disaster resilience project in Bangladesh.

 I started supporting Oxfam around 1995. I felt morally bound to help as I had more money than I needed. I've always been impressed by its respect for, and belief in, the people it works with. Oxfam believes in doing things with and through people rather than at and to them. Growth and recovery is therefore much more interactive, organic and transparent and much more likely to last.

Charles Hart, songwriter and musician, who has supported Oxfam since 1995.

 I support Oxfam projects because I can see my money being used to achieve measurable goals assisting in the long term development of identified communities.

Neil Kitchener QC, who has supported Oxfam for over 20 years.

We appreciate the way Oxfam works through and strengthens local communities. Oxfam's continual support, monitoring and reporting gives us a feeling of confidence that our money has been well spent, none of it has disappeared and that it's all gone to the right people. Oxfam has a great ability to turn a good project into a real success story. It models best practice and does all that it can to spread that wider by influencing governments and others working to improve education in their countries.

Patrick and Stephanie Bromley, who have supported Oxfam for over 20 years.

We had a good experience of supporting Oxfam's livelihoods Projects Direct in Sri Lanka, so we went on to support a women's project in Rwanda. We are seeing the positive impact on increased household income of the training and technical assistance Oxfam provided. We have also seen how this support has resulted not only in more proficient and productive local communities but also in a sense of greater independence and dignity.

Gillian Arthur, Director, Sanne Philanthropic Foundation.

We have supported Oxfam over many years for the good work it does for the poor of the world. More specifically, Projects Direct allows us to express our priorities for causes including drinking water, appropriate farming, necessary infrastructure, education for all, dignity of women, effective social organisation, all on a self-sustaining basis: what we believe should be the expectation of any human society. We can choose particular communities on timescales that show progress and exemplified by individual people.

Oxfam Projects Direct supporter, D & N T, (Enfield)