High profile figures urge Prime Minister to take action on climate funding

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Actor Brian Cox, Stella McCartney, Bella Ramsey, Bill Nighy and Annie Lennox are among high-profile figures urging the Prime Minister to commit urgently needed funds to help people in lower-income countries deal with the devastating consequences of the climate crisis.

Joining forces with Oxfam, the stars’ call comes as world leaders gather at the UN Climate Summit, COP28, in Dubai.

In an open letter to Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, also signed by Mikaela Loach, Maxine Peake, Aisling Bea and Paloma Faith, it says: “It is a gross injustice that those least responsible for the climate crisis are suffering its worst impacts – facing poverty, hunger, and ever more scarce resources.

“Following the historic decision at COP27 last year to establish a Loss and Damage fund to help communities in countries most vulnerable to climate change deal with its devastating consequences – one of the key questions for this year’s summit is who will pay.”

The letter calls on the Prime Minister to hold the biggest and richest polluters – namely fossil fuel companies and the super-rich – to account by taxing them more in order to raise the funds needed.

The letter says: “By raising taxes on the biggest and richest polluters - who have emitted the most and profited through their polluting actions - the government can quickly and fairly secure much needed funds while ensuring the costs do not fall on ordinary UK households.”

Adding his signature to the letter Bill Nighy said:It is fundamentally wrong that those bearing the brunt of the climate crisis – people whose lives have been destroyed by intense droughts, floods, and storms – are those least responsible for climate change. The UK Government can and should be stepping up. The Prime Minister must ensure the biggest and richest polluters pay their fair share for the damage they have caused.”

Other high-profile names adding their voices to the campaign include Dominique Palmer, Jeremy Irons, Romola Garai, Livia Firth, Hilda Flavia Nakabuye, Daniel Lismore, Dara McAnulty, Tori Tsui, Zamzam Ibrahim and Lavetanalagi Seru.

In East Africa, one of the regions worst hit by climate change, climate-induced drought, flood, and ongoing conflict has left 26 million people without enough food to eat – their animals have died; crops have failed; and their ability to cope has been stretched to breaking point.

The letter states: “From increasing taxes on the super-rich, to ending the millions in tax relief that the fossil fuel industry receives each year, the UK could have raised an extra £23 billion last year. This money could be used to ensure a fair switch to renewable energy - reducing bills and emissions - as well as used to help communities, such as those in East Africa, worst hit by climate change to adapt and recover.

“A better future is possible, but we cannot afford any more delays. Now is the time for action.”

Members of the public can also get behind the campaign by adding their name to Oxfam’s petition calling for the Prime Minister to fairly tax the biggest polluters to help tackle the rising costs of the climate crisis.


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