Oxfam reaction to the UN Security Council vote on Gaza

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In response to the UN Security Council vote on Gaza, Oxfam GB’s Interim Chief Executive, Aleema Shivji said:

“It is positive that the UK has finally voted in favour of a resolution on Gaza at the UN Security Council. However, the resolution itself falls short of calling for a ceasefire, which is now the only action necessary in order to deliver humanitarian aid at the scale and speed so urgently needed.

“The failure to call for a ceasefire after five days of deliberate delays and dilutions of the resolution is a profound dereliction of duty from an organisation established to uphold the UN Charter to maintain peace, and protect lives.

“It actively denies over two million Palestinians – many of whom are now starving as a risk of famine looms – desperately needed respite from the relentless bombardment and siege they have endured for nearly two and half months.

“If the UK government is serious about alleviating the suffering of people in Gaza, it must now do more and use its influence to put pressure on Israel to implement an immediate and permanent ceasefire and an end to the living nightmare which the people of Gaza are trapped in.”


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