Parliamentary report a missed opportunity to hold government to account on arms exports and civilian deaths

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In response to a new report called Developments in UK Strategic Export Controls by the Committees on Arms Export Control, Martin Butcher from Oxfam GB, said:

“The new report, the first since 2018, is a missed opportunity to hold the government to account for arms sales to conflict zones that might have fuelled attacks and left civilians killed or injured.

“While the report states that the government must do more to explain the rationale for continued arms exports to Saudi Arabia for use in the war in Yemen, this doesn’t go far enough.

"In the 12 months leading up to the February 2022 ceasefire, there were over 1500 attacks on civilians or civilian infrastructure in Yemen - far from the “isolated incidents” claimed by the government.

“The government must immediately cease arms sales to Saudi Arabia in accordance with national and international law, as an overriding risk still exists that these weapons will be used to commit war crimes in Yemen.

"The committees' role is to scrutinise government departments on their arms exports, however, a lack of government engagement and formal process for doing so has contributed to the failings we see in the report.“


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