REACTION: Oxfam GB response to Ethiopia pledging conference in Geneva

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In response to the outcome of the Pledging Conference for Ethiopia held in Geneva today, Heather Lafferty, UK Government relations adviser at Oxfam GB, said:

"We welcome the UK's leadership in co-hosting today's event. Increased funding is urgently required for Ethiopia, where 21 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

“The UK's increase in aid to Ethiopia is step in the right direction - but overall the $630 million pledged doesn’t cover the $1 billion needed to sustain the humanitarian response over the next few months.

“The UK and the wider international community need to do much more to address hunger across East Africa where climate change and conflict are fuelling a chronic hunger crisis. The commitments made today and at yesterday's pledging conference fail to rise to the scale of the challenge. The UK could make a real difference if it stopped raiding the aid budget for domestic spending and instead ensured it goes where it is most needed."

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