REACTION: Oxfam response to BP’s Q3 profits

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In response to the announcement of BP’s latest quarterly profits, Oxfam’s Senior Climate Change Policy Advisor, Chiara Liguori, said:

“While people across the country struggle to afford to heat their homes, it is simply unjust that fossil fuel companies like BP are reaping billions of pounds in profits.

“The government can no longer stand idly by - they can and should be taxing these rich polluters more, helping to incentivise a fair switch to renewable energy which will cut emissions and reduce energy bills.

“It is people living in poverty in the UK and around the world who are paying the price for climate change with floods, droughts and wildfires destroying people's homes and lives. What we need from the Prime Minister is the courage to ensure the biggest and richest polluters are the ones that foot the bill.”


Notes to editors:

Oxfam’s report Payment Overdue, Fair ways to make polluters across the UK pay for climate justice published last month highlights that fair taxes on the UK’s biggest polluters - namely fossil fuel companies and the extremely rich – could have raised up to £23bn last year. Press release here

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