REACTION: Oxfam response to Shell’s Q1 profits

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In response to the announcement of Shell’s Q1 profits, Chiara Liguori, Oxfam GB's Senior Climate Justice Policy Advisor, said:

“It is beyond reason that the biggest and richest polluters like Shell are allowed to continue to rake in huge profits, at an unacceptable cost for people and planet.

“With more frequent floods, heatwaves, and storms causing devastation in the UK and around the world, it is people living in poverty who are left paying the highest price for a climate crisis they did little to cause.

“Political leaders can no longer stand by while Shell weakens its own climate targets and shareholders’ payouts are strengthened by the energy giant’s oil and gas operations. Fossil fuel companies must be held to account by taxing them more both to incentivise a fair switch to clean, renewable energy and to ensure the costs of addressing climate change fall on those most responsible.”

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