REACTION: Oxfam response to Shell’s Q4 profits

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In response to the announcement of Shell’s Q4 profits, Chiara Liguori, Oxfam GB's Senior Climate Justice Policy Advisor, said:

“It is nonsensical that the biggest and richest polluters like Shell are allowed to reap huge profits while the world struggles to deal with the irreversible damage they have caused – and continue to cause – to our planet.

“Earnings may have fallen from last year’s record figures, but they are still in the billions. Oil companies are coining it in at the expense of people living in poverty – both at home and abroad – who are left paying the highest price for the devastating impacts of a climate crisis they did little to cause.

“The Government must hold big polluters to account by taxing them more and helping to incentivise a fair switch to clean, renewable energy as well as supporting low-income communities on the frontline of the crisis. This payment is well overdue.”


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