REACTION: Oxfam response to the Global Report on Food Crises

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In response to today’s Global Report on Food Crises, led by the Food Security Information Network (FSIN), which says that 258 million people across 58 countries are now experiencing acute hunger – up by 65 million people (34 per cent) from last year, Oxfam Global Food and Economic Security Lead, Emily Farr, said:

“For global hunger to rise for a fifth consecutive year in a world of plenty is a stain on our collective humanity. Decades of progress in reducing poverty and hunger are now quickly being reversed by conflict, economic shocks and climate change.

“In East Africa alone, one of the worst affected regions, climate-induced drought and ongoing conflict have left over 36 million people in extreme hunger - up from 24 million last year. Over 85,000 people are already facing starvation. Families are being forced to eat dry leaves, beg, or marry off their girls at young ages to survive.

“We need an urgent and fundamental shift in our humanitarian system. Funds must be used to equip poor countries to prepare for and cope with reoccurring economic and climate shocks before they happen, and rich donors must immediately inject money to meet the UN appeal for response.

“But we must also do more to resolve conflict and tackle inequality, and climate change. Warring parties must lower their guns. Rich polluting nations must cut their emissions. Governments must tax the rich and polluters to free funds for climate mitigation and help people at greater risk cope with shocks.”

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