REACTION: Oxfam response to the government’s energy security strategy

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In response to the government’s energy security strategy published today, Katy Chakrabortty, Oxfam Head of Policy and Advocacy said:

"The Ukraine crisis is the latest wake-up call to break our dependence on fossil fuels and strengthen the UK’s energy security through investment in our own abundant renewables. In the same week that the IPCC warned it is ‘now or never if we want to limit warming to 1.5 °C’, this new strategy falls well short. An increase in investment in renewables is welcome but licencing of new oil and gas fields is not.    

“While some families in the UK are forced to go without hot meals and climate extremes are inflicting suffering on people all over the world, fossil fuel companies are seeing bumper profits. They should be taxed, and the money used to cushion the impacts of soaring energy costs on low-income households and support vulnerable communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis.”


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