Reaction to Coronavirus Global Response Summit

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Ahead of the Coronavirus Global Response Summit, which aims to raise nearly £7 billion to develop vaccines, treatments and tests to help end the Covid-19 pandemic, Anna Marriott Oxfam Health Policy Manager said:

“We welcome the UK Government and others taking the initiative to host this summit and hope it will leverage the sums needed. This unprecedented global health crisis needs to be met with a vaccine plan that puts the people who are most in need – front line workers and vulnerable people, including those in poor countries – at the front of the queue.

“Government donors should ensure that the money they pledge comes with conditions attached, to guarantee successful treatments and vaccines are available to everybody, free of charge. The priority is the public good, not big pharmaceutical company profits.

“Public taxes are paying for the development of a vaccine. At this critical time of human need, big pharma should not be allowed to make excessive profits from it. No one is safe until we are all safe – no one must be left behind.”


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